Appreciation and Request for Pictures of the Cebu Mission

IMG_2688Dear Fellow Cebu Missioners, PMSNEF members and Friends of the Mission,
I want all of you to know how much I enjoyed working with you on this last mission. It takes a huge effort organizing an endeavor like this but your contributions, support, prayers combined with your compassion, kindness and hardwork – these have become an inspiration and a great motivation for the successful completion of the Cebu Medical Mission. It warms our hearts to remember, Patrick and I, the experiences we shared with you while working on this project. No words can completely capture to describe the compelling moments we witnessed together with you, the love and mercy of God as He has chosen us to tenderly deliver them to the sick and needy people of Carcar, aided with the volunteers from the Provincial Hospital, the Local Doctors of Cebu and from other places of the Philippines, the Phil Army Dentists, staff and their Dental Truck, the Phil Airforce Dentists, the Optometrist, and the Rotary.
Our time together during the mission and at the end of the mission- as we enjoyed the sight seeing trip that Friday on the way back to Cebu City and the airport, and for those who stayed for the Bohol trip and Cebu City trip, has deeply enriched our memory of this mission. Thank you all, these memories will be a great inspiration for us to remember and a great drive for motivating us, as we go back to our families, individual lives, and our own responsibilities. May it also be a heartwarming experience for each missioner, the kind that brings a smile and a joyous memory that passionately enriches us.
To help preserve our Cebu Medical Mission experience, I am requesting any pictures or video that you have and would like to share of the mission. Please send to Dell at email address:
Please send as soon as you can as the PMSNEF Auxiliary and PMSNEF members are planning a Welcome Back Night for us the missioners and friends on the 12th of March, PMSNEF bldg at Southpoint Pkway.
You are all invited to attend and please RSVP to Elsie Barnes and Vyvyan Del Campo.

Grace Bunyi

Done And Gone


Last week for 4 days volunteers from PMSNEF, Inc,PMSNEF, Inc Auxiliary, Visayas Mindanao Association, Ilocano Association, Palm Coast Group and several other good hearted individuals came and spend their weekends helping load hospital beds, dialysis machines, surgical equipments, and medical supplies.With one truck and 2 trailers, we were able fill up 3 (40ft) container vans up to the brim.

Three  of the hired workers gave up on us on Sunday evening and thanks to the children of Drs. Patrick and Grace Bunyi for stepping into the plate. Kyle, Roman, Marie and their friend Ashley stayed with us up to late Sunday night and completed the work with a smile.

Thanks to Chris Ordonez who has always been with us since we started our Medical Mission in 2005. She drove a limping 26 ft Penske truck with a lift. The truck was so lame that it can only run up to 25 miles/hr  on I-10, 295 and 95 highways transporting the goods from the Westside farm of Roman Paje where we stored them for free to the parking lot of Patrick. The truck barely made it out at the backyard of Patrick. She complained to Penske with her South Georgia Farm lady manners and got a break. Instead of paying over $600 for the 4 day rent we paid $215.94.

The rainbow over the 3 container vans on the last afternoon made all our efforts worthwhile.

Dr. Francis Ong

Ambassadors of Goodwill


Every 2 years, the Philippine Medical Society of North East Florida, made up of Jacksonville area physicians, goes to the Philippines. While there, these physicians hold a tiring, week- long marathon of seeing medical, dental and surgical patients. This tenacious crew of 50- 100 medical doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, and support crew, work around the clock for the entirety of the week seeing a 1000 medical outreach patients daily, 200- 300 dental outreach patients daily, and 60- 100 surgeries during the week. This tremendous endeavor is actually the culmination of 2 years of hard work. The two years prior to the mission, the PMSNEF and the PMSNEF Auxiliary groups work tirelessly creating fun and memorable events for fundraising, such as golf and tennis tournaments, and charity balls including the upcoming “Dance the Night Away,”on August 22, 2015. Along with the fundraising events, the resourceful members gather the necessary medical equipment to ship to the Philippines for the missions and to donate to hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers.

This group does a lot of good abroad, but also works to serve the local community. Though, this society is mostly comprised of Filipino- Americans, they are all proud Americans that often gives back to the immediate metropolitan Jacksonville Area. The PMSNEF participates with the Legacy of Care Health Center, which is a free clinic based out of the Arlington Area. In partnership with the Legacy of Care association, the PMSNEF carries out and facilitates health screenings, and other community services. This Saturday morning, August 1st 2015, they participated in the back to school event at Edward Waters College, seeing students and giving school physicals just in time for school to start.

This photo shows, (right to left) current PMSNEF president, Dr. Melchor Barros, Dr Francis Ong, Dr Carmencita Ong, Grace Bunyi RN,Dr Patrick Bunyi, and Mr Tony Baluyot, celebrating the closing of 2 out of 3, 40 foot containers filled with medical, dental, and surgical equipment and other necessary supplies.
After a very dreary and rainy day, the rainbow (slight double) and the beautiful blue skies were a welcome sight. We will take the rainbow as a blessing and a symbol of good fortune for our mission.
For more information please visit our website:

Marie Rose Bunyi