New volunteers for the Cebu Medical Mission


I would like to introduce new volunteers for the Cebu Medical Mission.
Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Rebecca Barros from New York
Ms. Maya Flores from Jacksonville.
Dr. Eden Nuval from California
Attached is a photo of Michael and Deborah Byerly, avid supporters of our Medical missions and GK houses. They donated $250 for the Cebu Medical Mission.Mr. Greg and Rose Dimayuga donated $500.
The final accounting on the Pain Management Seminar held last month will be released when all payments are received from the sponsors. Dr. Bernard Canlas had a good program that was well attended and Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville expressed their interest to host it again next year.
Dr. Betty Mina is busy preparing for our 2nd fund raising event with our Hawaiian Night on July 25, 2015. We have wonderful Friday nights with the children and grandchildren rehearsing their dances with Ms Lally Ferro. If you have teenagers and younger ones (at least 5 yrs old) this is a fun activity for the summer. Also Joe and Rose Romero from West Virginia is our newest couple volunteers to the Cebu Medical Mission.

Share with the group any info about discounted airline fares to Manila or Cebu. international flights are available to both airports. Our mission date is Feb 7-14, 2016, Arriving and departing on a Sunday. But you can come earlier or depart later on your own schedule if you want to explore Cebu and other surrounding islands.
I would like to ask the hosts and the volunteers from Visayas to give us some ideas about places to visit and events happening around that time next year.
Let’s make this a Voluntourism Trip

Francis Ong