Philippine Medical Society of Northeast Florida

Welcome to the Blog site of PMSNEF, This page will be ready on the first week of February 2015. Please feel free to email me your suggestions and recommendations at

Thank you,

Patrick Bunyi, MD

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  1. All members of PMSNEF,

    I have created this blog site for us to be able to share your ideas that will have a meaningful impact to the mission of the organization. For those who are already familiar blogging, kindly sign up to start blogging. For those that are new to this, simply email me a username and password that you would like to use and send me the topic for posting. Let all the topics, comments and suggestions be positively uplifting so to avoid conflict among members of this group. For now this page is set to public status to be able to reach everyone until the group decides to make it private.

    Thank you very much,

    Dell Alarcon
    Independent Web Administrator

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