The Philippine Medical Society of Northeast Florida headed by its president Dr. Melchor Barros initiated a meeting last January 16, 2015 at Dr. Francis Ong’s residence.

The meeting was held to discuss plans for the upcoming 2016 Cebu Medical Mission. Part of the discussion includes the mission site, the date and the type of mission that is medical, surgical, dental, CME and BLS.

To accomplish this mission the group must be able to raise money through fundraising to support shipment of medical equipments and medical supplies for the recipients of this missions. Volunteers have to pay for their own plane fares while the  Host volunteers from Cebu, Philippines have to provide them food and lodging to incur minimal administrative expense and help provide more support for the mission.

Dr. Ben and Virgie Samera donated $1000 for the cause. Other medical  volunteers will conduct symposiums whose proceeds will benefit this mission. It was also suggested to get sponsorships from the different pharmaceutical companies for support.

Officers and members were assigned their  individual task and were formed into commitees. Other requirements such as licenses and insurances were also laid on the table.


Dr. Ben and Virgie Samera donated $1000 for the
2016 Cebu Medical Mission.

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The Philippine Medical Society of Northeast Florida,Inc., was established in 1978 to extend the tradition of improving the quality of health care. Adhering to the hippocratic oath that has made physicians one of the most respected professions in the world, the PMS utilizes the talents of its members and officers to develop clinical activities and to share its knowledge in developing programs in medical education. Throughout the years, the PMS has been a leader in defining universal standards of medical excellence. Its contributions include establishing new models for patient care educating professionals. The PMS of Jacksonville works in tandem with other community organizations and several government and non-government organizations in the U.S. and the Philippines to fulfill its mission. While the PMS began as a non-profit organization that has evolved into a tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization, its prime objective has always been to help the needy both here and abroad, and to ardently search for supporters and benefactors for this cause.