New volunteers for the Cebu Medical Mission


I would like to introduce new volunteers for the Cebu Medical Mission.
Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Rebecca Barros from New York
Ms. Maya Flores from Jacksonville.
Dr. Eden Nuval from California
Attached is a photo of Michael and Deborah Byerly, avid supporters of our Medical missions and GK houses. They donated $250 for the Cebu Medical Mission.Mr. Greg and Rose Dimayuga donated $500.
The final accounting on the Pain Management Seminar held last month will be released when all payments are received from the sponsors. Dr. Bernard Canlas had a good program that was well attended and Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville expressed their interest to host it again next year.
Dr. Betty Mina is busy preparing for our 2nd fund raising event with our Hawaiian Night on July 25, 2015. We have wonderful Friday nights with the children and grandchildren rehearsing their dances with Ms Lally Ferro. If you have teenagers and younger ones (at least 5 yrs old) this is a fun activity for the summer. Also Joe and Rose Romero from West Virginia is our newest couple volunteers to the Cebu Medical Mission.

Share with the group any info about discounted airline fares to Manila or Cebu. international flights are available to both airports. Our mission date is Feb 7-14, 2016, Arriving and departing on a Sunday. But you can come earlier or depart later on your own schedule if you want to explore Cebu and other surrounding islands.
I would like to ask the hosts and the volunteers from Visayas to give us some ideas about places to visit and events happening around that time next year.
Let’s make this a Voluntourism Trip

Francis Ong

Pain Management Seminar

Dear Friends of the Mission,

I cannot wait to tell you the great news today. Dr, Bren  Canlas and his Florida Institute of Pain Medicine Staff conducted a good seminar for the whole day.
Dr. Mel Barros highlighted well the PMSNEF mission works and our Cebu Mission 2016. The estimated funds raised from today’s seminar is $15,000.
We also received the check of $1000 from the President of Read Philippines
Ms. Doreen Flippin.
Last night, we had a fun night with the children rehearsing their Hula dance for the Hawaiian Night for  July 25. We thank Ms Lally Ferro for the dancing lessons. This is
our second fund raising event.

Visayas Mindanao Association (VMA) Collaboration

Dear Friends of the Medical Mission,
For those who are just getting into the circle, The Medical Mission is in Cebu Island. This is one of the islands of Visayas in the middle part of the Philippines. This is the second largest city with lots of history. This will be on February 7-14. 2016. Be ready to spend your Valentine’s day in the mission.
JiJi Gullas one of our hosts in Cebu is visiting us in Jacksonville and has seen the equipments and supplies to be donated to the medical mission area. This may take 3-4 (40 ft) container vans to ship them. We have a continuing discussion with him and the rest of the team what are our needs. I am requesting that for our accomodations we need air-conditioned rooms and a hot shower. We are working with the Governor’s Office and the Rotary Club
Most of the communications and discussions will be done through the email. And when the team is being formed we will meet each other for those who can. We have volunteers from California and New York.
We would like to thank the donations of Drs. Ben & Virgie Samera ($1000), Drs Joe & Minnie Hernandez ($1000)
and the pledges of Visayas Mindanao Association ($1000), Read Philippines (Doreen Flippin) $1000, Art Gandionco $500
Our goal is to raise $60,000. Not including the above donations and pledges we have $28,000 in the bank, $1,700 in paypal,
$500 in credit card account. So we pass the 50% mark and every month we will have a fund raising activity.
May 30 Sat, Dr. Brent Canlas is conducting Pain Management Seminar for Primary Physicians and all proceeds will go to the mission. July 25 the Luau Night, Aug 22 – Formal Ballroom Dancing, Sept- Bowling, October- Filipino Pride Day.
Save the dates.
If you are free tonight, join us at the Maharlika Restaurant at 142255 Beach Blvd Jax, Fl 32250. VMA(Visayas Mindanao Association) is having a dinner entertainment night for Doreen Flippin, She is running for Mrs Philippines. Let us support our friends of the medical mission.

Dr. Ong

Initial Cebu Medical Mission Meeting

1. Site of Mission – Cebu and the specific towns and hospital to be determined
after confirmation with the hosts
2. Date – Last part of January 16 and first week of February
3. Type of Mission – medical, surgical, dental, CME. BLS
4. Fund Raising Goal – $60,000
PMSNEF Seed ,money – $23,000
Dr. Ben & Virgie Samera’s
Donation – $1000
Remaining Goal – $36,000
Bren will conduct his yearly Pain Management Symposium on May 2016 and proceeds will be going for the medical mission. We ask the help of primary physicians and other members of
PMSNEF for pharmaceuticals and other business for booth sponsorship.( Home health,
medical group practice, insurance companies, hospice etc) The symposium is free to attend
Suggested fund raisings- Spring Garage Sale, 15K run, musical concert at St Augustine’s
5. CME- Pol will be in charge
.5. Terms
U.S. volunteers – 50 people
Pay their own plane fare
Host to provide lodging , food and local transportation
Medical Mission will donate five (5) 40 ft. container vans at $3,700
Hosts will take care about the Philippine Customs
6. Logistics- Mel Barros, Don Alfonso, Vincent Verdeflor, Mary Baluyot, Grace Bunyi
7. Treasurer- Elsie Barnes
8. Auditor – Elsie Ong
9. Checks & donations to Philippine Medical Society of Northeast Florida
10. Other matters: .
1. Temporary licenses for volunteers- Logistics & hosts
2. Adopt a Hospital Program for the shipment of containers, custom tariffs
Shipment not later not Oct 1
3. Malpractice Insurance requirements
4. Recipients of shipments to be decided by Logistics
5. To solicit from Cebuanos residing in the U.S. whose people are being helped by the
medical mission and develop a data base to get them involved
6. One month supply of medicines to be provided to patients and medicines to be purchased
7. Letter of Invitation from the host
8.Next meeting will be a potluck at the PMSNEF Bldg and the date to be announced as soon
we get answers.
Please add or amend to the minutes


After a very long sleep,I woke up and was in for a big surprise !
1. Would you believe that the Phil. Medical Society is now 36 years old ! Time really fly when we are having fun !
2. 2014 is almost gone and we should prepare for 2015.
3. Accomplishments of 2014.
a) Garage sale at the Del Rosario – funds added to the kitty. Everybody present had fun.
b) New Town Success Zone – Physical exams for 129 kids.
c) Fundraising and building for 22 homes for Typhoon Haiyan victims,
d) Presidential Night- Unity call for the Filipino community
e) Audience with the Philippine Ambassador- times two.
f) October – Philippine Heritage month – showing of documentary “ Rescue Philippines “.
Philippine Medical Society Chorale participation
g) Philippine community picnic at Treaty Park in St Augustine Florida.
h) Tennis tournament at Eagle Landing – Fundraising for the Scholarship program
i) Christmas party in the planning stage.
4. Projects for 2015
a) Completion of quarterly meetings. Other activities and meetings should be held around these dates because our society has business to conduct.
b) PMS has 5 K marathon. Need to brainstorm the cause or causes to support, approach sponsors,venue, tickets, prizes etc.
c) Medical mission to Cebu and its fundraisings.
d) Election of officers fo 2016
e) Induction ball for 2016

According to Robert Smith – 36 yrs. Times 365 days equals 13,140 days. This is how many days the PMS is in existence. That is long! How about this- 20,000 days divided by 365 days is equal to 54 yrs and 7 days. If that is your age, that is how long you have lived on Earth. The question is what will you do for your next 54 yrs? If you have been shy, quiet, a follower all your life, When will you show your GOD given talent or will you unselfishly share it with your friends, or rather waste it and bury it with you, in your grave. Nobody will know nor care !

The coming year is called the “ GOLDEN YEARS “. The best is yet to come. There are no more kids of your own to take care of, but adorable and lovable GRAND KIDS who stay with their parents, no more BOSS or WORK, no traffic. No appointments to see, no mortgage, car payments, no money problem –social security checks,401 k distribution, pension and double dipping will take care of those. You will wake up whenever you want, read newspaper, play all you want. This is the time to develop your hidden dreams ,ambition, neglected or postponed by family and professional obligations. Complete your bucket lists. Take care of your HEALTH and enjoy the sunset with your SPOUSE. What a life !!! Your Friend ,
All comments, critiques and additions are welcome.
E-mail –

The Philippine Medical Society of Northeast Florida headed by its president Dr. Melchor Barros initiated a meeting last January 16, 2015 at Dr. Francis Ong’s residence.

The meeting was held to discuss plans for the upcoming 2016 Cebu Medical Mission. Part of the discussion includes the mission site, the date and the type of mission that is medical, surgical, dental, CME and BLS.

To accomplish this mission the group must be able to raise money through fundraising to support shipment of medical equipments and medical supplies for the recipients of this missions. Volunteers have to pay for their own plane fares while the  Host volunteers from Cebu, Philippines have to provide them food and lodging to incur minimal administrative expense and help provide more support for the mission.

Dr. Ben and Virgie Samera donated $1000 for the cause. Other medical  volunteers will conduct symposiums whose proceeds will benefit this mission. It was also suggested to get sponsorships from the different pharmaceutical companies for support.

Officers and members were assigned their  individual task and were formed into commitees. Other requirements such as licenses and insurances were also laid on the table.


Dr. Ben and Virgie Samera donated $1000 for the
2016 Cebu Medical Mission.