After a very long sleep,I woke up and was in for a big surprise !
1. Would you believe that the Phil. Medical Society is now 36 years old ! Time really fly when we are having fun !
2. 2014 is almost gone and we should prepare for 2015.
3. Accomplishments of 2014.
a) Garage sale at the Del Rosario – funds added to the kitty. Everybody present had fun.
b) New Town Success Zone – Physical exams for 129 kids.
c) Fundraising and building for 22 homes for Typhoon Haiyan victims,
d) Presidential Night- Unity call for the Filipino community
e) Audience with the Philippine Ambassador- times two.
f) October – Philippine Heritage month – showing of documentary “ Rescue Philippines “.
Philippine Medical Society Chorale participation
g) Philippine community picnic at Treaty Park in St Augustine Florida.
h) Tennis tournament at Eagle Landing – Fundraising for the Scholarship program
i) Christmas party in the planning stage.
4. Projects for 2015
a) Completion of quarterly meetings. Other activities and meetings should be held around these dates because our society has business to conduct.
b) PMS has 5 K marathon. Need to brainstorm the cause or causes to support, approach sponsors,venue, tickets, prizes etc.
c) Medical mission to Cebu and its fundraisings.
d) Election of officers fo 2016
e) Induction ball for 2016

According to Robert Smith – 36 yrs. Times 365 days equals 13,140 days. This is how many days the PMS is in existence. That is long! How about this- 20,000 days divided by 365 days is equal to 54 yrs and 7 days. If that is your age, that is how long you have lived on Earth. The question is what will you do for your next 54 yrs? If you have been shy, quiet, a follower all your life, When will you show your GOD given talent or will you unselfishly share it with your friends, or rather waste it and bury it with you, in your grave. Nobody will know nor care !

The coming year is called the “ GOLDEN YEARS “. The best is yet to come. There are no more kids of your own to take care of, but adorable and lovable GRAND KIDS who stay with their parents, no more BOSS or WORK, no traffic. No appointments to see, no mortgage, car payments, no money problem –social security checks,401 k distribution, pension and double dipping will take care of those. You will wake up whenever you want, read newspaper, play all you want. This is the time to develop your hidden dreams ,ambition, neglected or postponed by family and professional obligations. Complete your bucket lists. Take care of your HEALTH and enjoy the sunset with your SPOUSE. What a life !!! Your Friend ,
All comments, critiques and additions are welcome.
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